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Fleet Management Solutions: Maximize customer satisfaction, improve your profitability

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Enhance fleet performance, improve customer satisfaction with Fleet Management Solutions

Increase fuel efficiency

Fuel is a key expense head for you and your fleet profitability depends on how effectively fuel is managed. Learn how ZF's Fleet Management Solutions can help you save fuel and expenses.

Maximize driver productivity

Drivers play a key role in maximizing fleet efficiency, ensuring fleet safety and enhancing customer satisfaction. Discover how ZF's Fleet Management Solutions can support you to maximize driver productivity.

Enhance fleet safety

Safety is a key area of priority for fleets and forms an essential part of running a successful business operation. Find out how our exclusive solution helps prevents issues, improve fleet uptime and makes vehicles safer, more efficient and profitable.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Lowering Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is a key priority as it defines how profitable your fleet business is. Take advantage of ZF’s Fleet Management Solutions to boost fleet productivity, fuel efficiency and lower TCO.

Improve fleet uptime

Vehicle uptime is a key influencing factor to increase fleet profitability and enhance customer satisfaction. Gain on with ZF’s advanced Fleet Management Solutions that addresses downtime issues and maximize uptime through a range of solutions.

Boost fleet productivity

Maximizing fleet productivity is a key driving factor to run a successful business operation. Use ZF’s innovative, cutting-edge solutions Fleet Management Solutions to improve your fleet’s productivity, optimize fuel usage and make your customers happy.

Minimize fuel expenses

  • View accurate, real-time information on fuel usage, distance travelled and mileage
  • Get detailed, accurate and real-time information of fuel re-fills, pilferage and fuel levels
  • Ascertain areas to improve mileage

Track & trace

  • Track live movement, current speed, location of your vehicle with live traffic information
  • Draw virtual boundaries using ‘geofence‘ & 'polyfence' feature
  • Replay the trip details using ‘movement replay‘ feature

Track driving behaviour

  • Monitor drivers based on scorecards
  • Access data on driving behaviour (assessment based on harsh braking, harsh acceleration, sharp turns, idling, overspeeding, overdriving)
  • Access insights to maximize fuel efficiency and vehicular safety

Event alerts & service reminders

  • Create & manage event alerts - live tracking / fuel / temperature / driving violation events
  • Create parameter-based service reminders for vehicles (oil change, vehicle service) and reminder service

Enhance overall safety

  • Get instantly notified for route deviations, unwanted halts, geofence exits, etc
  • GPS system tracks vehicle real-time & provides location data
  • Complies with regulations (AIS 140, IP65, J1939 & TLS)

Exclusive & tailor-made solution designed for Indian fleets

World-class system & solution architecture

Over 100,000 vehicles use ZF’s Fleet Management Solutions on Indian roads

Tamper-proof, complies with AIS 140 regulations

Easy installations, user-friendly dashboards

Turnkey solutions (hardware, data management portal & completion of regulatory requirements)

Robust sales and service network, with over 270 authorised centres pan-India

Fail-safe operations with built-in back-up

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