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ZF e-Comp ZF e-Comp

e-comp - Maximize performance, reduce thermal load

Unique V4 design, automotive grade, air-cooled electrical air compressor applicable for vehicles with hybrid & full-electric drivelines

Minimize power consumption, maximize efficiency

The compressor can be shut off by triggering through a switch mounted on the air processing unit when the system reaches its cut off levels. Thus, the globally proven solution enhances vehicle efficiency, minimizes power consumption and maximizes vehicle operating range.

Maximize safety, reduce thermal load

The unique air-cooling feature in e-comp effectively cuts down additional thermal load on the vehicle cooling system. Thus, it enhances vehicular safety and prevents potential accidents related to thermal overload.

Minimize TCO, low maintenance cost

Apart from reciprocating air compressors, scroll-type compressors are widely used in the CV industry. One of the biggest disadvantages of scroll compressors is that they cannot be repaired easily, unlike reciprocating air compressors. Maintaining e-comp is hassle-free -- replacing the oil from time to time and adhering to preventive maintenance practices can help maximize its life.

Maximize uptime, easy serviceability

This globally proven technology is also easy to service. Knowledge of servicing ICE air compressors is sufficient to service e-comp as most of the serviceable parts are carried over from ICE compressors. The technology, thus, is easier to service, and maximizes vehicle uptime.

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