Commercial Vehicle Solutions
Electronic Braking System Electronic Braking System

Make your vehicles safer & efficient with ZF's Electronic Braking System

  • Transfers driver’s deceleration request electronically to all braking system components
  • Transmits electronic pressure commands from ECU to pressure modulators very fast

  • Balances brake forces between axles of truck-trailer combination during braking procedure
  • Provides efficient brake management between service and endurance brakes

  • Standardized modular system design seamlessly integrates with mBSP™ concept
  • Scalable software approach provides diverse upgrade options

Facilitates sensitive dosage of the applied air pressure according to a wide range of vehicle information such as axle load status, vehicle speed and vehicle mass, trailer brake system information

Recuperates braking energy in most of the braking maneuvers of a full-electric or hybrid-driven commercial vehicle

Integrated diagnostic functionalities constantly monitor system performance

Based on two pneumatic and one electronic circuit for highly reliable braking performance

  • Improves driver and vehicle safety and stability
  • Maximizes driver effectiveness across all levels of experience
  • Provides comfortable braking experience independent of the load status

  • Optimizes vehicle uptime through reduced service and maintenance efforts
  • Increases vehicle efficiency through optimized brake wear

Offers a wide choice of value-adding functionalities without any need for additional hardware

Accelerates time-to-market with highly cost and time-efficient application process

Provides full-electric and hybrid-driven commercial vehicles with optimal energy recovery

Comes with integrated state-of-the-art stability control system ESCsmart™

Connects with OnGuard™ (Advanced Emergency Brake System) & TailGUARD™ (Reversing Collision Avoidance System) seamlessly

Adapts easily to a wide range of commercial vehicle types, different drivelines as well as individual customer needs

World’s leading braking system supplier for commercial vehicles

Industry’s first standardized EBS for full-electric and hybrid driven commercial vehicles

Experienced engineers support customers across the globe throughout the application process