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EcoTronic Mid - enhance fuel efficiency and driver productivity

Industry-first fully-automatic electronically-controlled intelligent 9 speed AMT solution

Maximize driver productivity

The industry-first technology offers clutch pedal-less operations, thus increases driver productivity and quicker turn around.

ZF EcoTronic Mid offers several operating modes such as maneuvering, hill assist, rock-free and off-road modes that enable hassle-free driving on challenging gradients. The integrated hill start aid feature significantly reduces driver fatigue and stress while operating on terrains.

Maximize fuel efficiency

The advanced AMT solution comes with throttle, acceleration and gear-based shifting strategies that contributes to saving fuel upto 5% and offers superior drivability. It has auto neutral mode that gets automatically activated when the engine is idle for 2 mins, thus improving the fuel economy by ~1% in demanding duty cycle.

EcoTronic Mid offers various optimized driving modes such as Eco / Power and Auto / Manual to operate in different terrains and weather conditions. Drivers can switch between modes by simply adjusting a knob to switch to the desired mode.

Maximize uptime

The robust base transmission of ZF EcoTronic Mid with proven AMT system helps fleets to maintain higher uptime, thus minimizing operational costs. The globally-proven solution helps save fuel significantly, leading to lower fuel costs. The intelligent heat mapping algorithm efficiently prevents clutch abuse and improves clutch and driveline life. Thus, the time-tested AMT solution efficiently minimizes unplanned repair costs and wear and tear.

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