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Feel the pulse of your asset

Key Facts

Trailer Telematics

Robust telematics solution

Real-Time Data

Supplies real-time location & rich EBS data

Fully Integrated

Integrated truck-trailer data at home base


Directly connect to ZF tire sensors

What can SCALAR EVO Pulse provide?

Designed to capture a maximum of data on trailers with limited electronics, such as curtain siders or box trailers, SCALAR EVO Pulse is a robust trailer telematics solution that supplies real-time location and rich EBS data to ZF’s back-office software platform. Built on data collected from the trailer T-EBS system and SCALAR EVO Pulse, the platform also provides insights into the technical performance and health state of your trailer park.


Why Use SCALAR EVO Pulse

SCALAR EVO Pulse puts your trailer use first! Real-time access to operational data in the back-office helps you make smart decisions to manage and improve the daily utilization of your trailers. If you’re looking to optimize trailer maintenance and uptime, SCALAR EVO Pulse is a must-have solution to follow up and evaluate trailer health from a distance.


  • Professional uptime management ​
  • Reduce the chance for breakdowns ​
  • Minimize vehicle downtime ​
  • Optimize maintenance and repair scheduling ​
  • Improve overall safety ​
  • Facilitate regulatory compliance​


  • Reduce penalties ​
  • Extend Tire tread life ​
  • Improve driving style ​
  • Optimize planning based on load​


  • Real-time visibility ​
  • Maximum deployment ​
  • Efficient transport planning​

How to use SCALAR EVO Pulse

After the installation of the SCALAR EVO Pulse telematics device and the back-office setup, the hardware unit starts communicating operational data in real time with ZF’s backoffice platform. Tailored to the needs of technical profiles, SCALAR EVO Pulse enables the processing and visualization of the diagnostics code history as logged by the Operating Data Recorder (ODR).
  • Track & Trace
  • Trailer Operations Data
  • Remote tire monitoring
  • Trailer health passport
  • ODR-based dashboarding
  • Detailed trailer ID card


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