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Video Management System (VMS)

Get the full picture to move forward​

Key Facts

Eagle eye registration

1080p HD lens with ultra-wide viewing angle


24/7 recording with up to 14 days onboard video storage

Focus on key events

Identify any abnormal situation or behavior

Actionable insights

Advanced monitoring platform and safety dashboard

What can Video Management System (VMS) provide?

ZF’s Video Management Solution (VMS) combines an internet-connected video recorder and cloud-based software to provide visibility into any traffic situation and driving behavior. The solution consists of an advanced windshield-mounted, road-facing camera with a built-in AI processor and gyroscope to detect driving events such as harsh braking, sharp turning, near forward collisions and lane departures. These events are uploaded via video processing and storage servers to a monitoring platform.


Why use VMS?

Riding along with your drivers, looking through the windshield and truly understanding what happened on the road. That’s just one benefit of ZF’s Video Management Solution. It’s your all-round service package that brings rest, comfort, and reassurance to your entire organization.

  • Optimize your driving coaching programs
  • Protect your drivers and property with evidence-based footage
  • Efficiently and swiftly process claims, damages and accidents
  • Prevent or reduce damages and accidents on the road
  • Optimize insurance conditions

How to use VMS?

  • ZF’s intelligent video recorder provides HD surveillance of the whole road.
  • Your property is always well-protected as the camera can also record non-collision incidents that may occur when your truck is parked.
  • Built-in awareness tools automatically identify any abnormal situation or improper behavior.
  • All road events, both automatically registered and manually tagged by the driver, are safely uploaded to the monitoring platform for further analysis.
  • Use the included safety dashboard to access driver scorecards, trend reports, and coaching workflows.
  • Efficiently navigate through the events Library and replay on-demand video footage.
  • From the moment the driver has logged on to his ZF's Transics IoT connectivity device, ZF automatically attributes that specific driver to each event detected by the camera.


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