Commercial Vehicle Solutions

EcoLife CoachLine

Serves demanding, high-powered coach applications


High Robustness

Equipped with a reinforced dual cooling system

More Powerful

Delivers seamless acceleration even in uphill driving

Improved uptime

Extends oil change and service intervals

What can EcoLife CoachLine provide?

Based on the already successful EcoLife 2, a new line of 6-speed automatic transmission solutions specifically designed to serve high-powered coach applications that require higher engine output torques has been added. Further extending service intervals and uptimes, ZF’s EcoLife CoachLine delivers excellent and smooth driving experience especially in challenging topography, while further improving fuel economy and driver comfort.


Customer Benefits

  • Serves even high-powered, demanding coach applications
  • Delivers smooth and powerful acceleration even in uphill driving
  • Provides an optimal driving experience in winding, challenging routes, as well as in stop-and-go city traffic
  • Delivers a high braking power even at low vehicle speeds
  • Contributes to extended service brake life through wear-free braking
  • Provides longer, consistent brake performance in downhill driving
  • Helps to further improve uptime through extended oil change and service intervals
  • Advanced software functions help to further improve driver comfort and fuel economy

Features & Capabilities

  • Provides a reinforced torque converter and new torsional vibration damper to reach up to 2,800 Nm engine torque
  • Delivers powershifts without tractive force interruption
  • Provides total brake torques up to 3,000 Nm combining engine brake and retarder
  • Provides a primary retarder to enable high brake torque at low vehicle speeds
  • Equipped with a reinforced dual cooling system with increased retarder heat exchanger and +9 liters enlarged oil pan compared to EcoLife 2
  • Helps to prevent transmission overheating in demanding operations enabling extended retarder operation
  • Offers various value-adding software functions tailored to specific application and customer needs


Axle & Transmission Systems for Buses & Coaches | Achs- & Getriebesysteme für Busse

Product Overview | Produktübersicht

EcoLife CoachLine Fact Sheet


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