Commercial Vehicle Solutions


Electric Power Take-Off System

Key Facts

One-box solution

Drives implements installed on electric commercial vehicles


Integrates seamlessly with the electric vehicle architecture

Automotive expertise

Builds on ZF’s driveline, e-mobility, and PTO experience

What can eWorX provide?

This silent and smart solution with zero local CO2 emissions enables a wide variety of use cases for electric commercial vehicles. The innovative and fully electrified power take-off system (ePTO) comes as a standardized, modular and intelligent plug-and-work one-box-solution to drive a broad range of work equipment such as hook lifters, skip loaders or loading cranes installed on electric commercial vehicles.


Customer Benefits

  • Enables a wide variety of use cases for electric commercial vehicles
  • Developed in close collaboration with OEMs and body manufacturers
  • Designed in line with latest automotive standards
  • Provides body manufacturers with a known mechanical interface to equip electric vehicles with a variety of work tools
  • Releases body manufacturers from the need to deal with the electrified high-voltage vehicle driveline
  • Allows for simplified plug-and-work integration
  • Enables optimized operating efficiency for minimized energy consumption
  • Offers a range of value-adding intelligent functionalities
  • Offers OEMs, bodybuilders and fleet customers simplified system integration on electric trucks
  • Allows the system to be adapted to a variety of OEM vehicle architectures

Features & Capabilities

  • Integrates components including 50 kW e-motor, inverter and electronic control unit with application-specific software modules
  • Provides eWorX system integration behind-the-cabin with integrated, independent cooling or as a frame-integrated solution with cooling functionality provided by the vehicle
  • Comes with inverter technology for 400–750 V nominal voltage
  • Modular design allows for easy system extension
  • Provides seamless integration into the vehicle`s energy management
  • Connects vehicle and body through smart CAN 2.0 or SAE J1939 interface to ensure bi-directional communication
  • Comes with customizable operation-on-demand philosophy
  • Offers application-specific designed work cycle profiles




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