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MAXX 22T 2.0

Latest innovation in single-piston air disc brakes for trailers


Lightweight Design

Contributes to optimized fuel efficiency

Improved Safety

Unique adjuster mechanism quickly adjusts running clearance

Maximized Reliability

Provides up to 40% fewer parts

What can MAXX 22T 2.0 provide?

Specifically designed for all types of trailers, ZF’s 5th generation of single-piston air disc brake MAXX 22T 2.0 offers up to 40% fewer parts which reduces complexity and can lead to faster, easier maintenance. With less weight and low drag-torque design, it also increases payload and fuel efficiency. Its unique adjuster mechanism quickly adapts running clearance during both brake application and brake release to help ensure optimal brake performance.


Customer Benefits

  • Provides fastest restoration of brake performance in extreme and long downhill operations
  • Minimizes the risk for overadjusting, a common cause for hot runners
  • Supports to further extend brake pad life through even wear of the pad
  • Offers exceptional reliability and less maintenance
  • Boosts fuel efficiency and enables increased transport payloads through low drag-torque design and lighter weight
  • New carrier and brake pad system provides faster maintenance and increased vehicle uptime
  • Brake pad wear indicator helps to reduce maintenance costs

Features & Capabilities

  • Advanced adjuster mechanism
    • Smartly stores energy, enabling adjustment during both brake application and brake release
    • Increases clearance stability to maintain optimal running clearance at all times
  • Improved taper wear compensation system provides an integrated pressure plate and enlarged piston diameter for even pressure distribution on brake pad surface
  • Compact and simplified ADB design provides up to 40% fewer parts compared to other ADB brands and 2kg weight savings compared to previous MAXX generation
  • Unique combination of robust design and smooth guiding system contributes to pad resetting in brake-off condition, reducing residual drag torques over lifetime
  • New carrier and brake pad system enables comfortable, quick and easy brake pad replacement
  • Optionally offers brake pad wear indicator


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