Commercial Vehicle Solutions

CeTrax 2 dual

Integrated and Modular Electric Central Drive for Heavy-Duty Truck Applications

Key Facts

Efficient and powerful

Delivers up to 380 kW continuous power


Integrates e-motors, inverters, ECU, e-actuators and transmission

Automotive expertise

Builds on ZF’s powertrain, e-mobility, and CV experience

What can CeTrax 2 dual provide?

CeTrax 2 dual is designed to seamlessly package within the space of the transmission of an ICE vehicle enabling OEM customers to offer ICE and electric powertrains in a single vehicle platform. The system integrates modular and in-house developed components which results in an innovative one-box solution enabling compact size and light weight and provides high power and torque with enhanced efficiency. Its unique design significantly enables the electrification of commercial vehicles.


Customer Benefits

  • Delivers powerful acceleration and seamless torque delivery
  • High electrical efficiency helps extend vehicle operational range
  • Features compact design and light weight
  • Fulfills regulatory cyber security requirements and functional safety
  • Enables zero emissions for battery electric and fuel cell vehicles
  • Optimizes driving experience with quiet and smooth operation

Features & Capabilities

  • Delivers 380 kW continuous power and 24,700 Nm of peak output torque
  • Includes 2 integrated 800 Volt silicon carbide (SiC) inverters
  • Equipped with 2 hairpin electric motors
  • Features a 3-speed transmission with 2 e-actuators for optimized efficiency
  • Integrates state-of-the-art powershifting strategy
  • Incorporated high-performance ECU


Factsheet: CeTrax 2 dual


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