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ZF Orchestration Attendant App

The application for Attendants of Automated Vehicle Fleets


Service Automation

Extends Orchestration Dashboard functions to AV attendants

Downloadable App

Accelerates mobility service launch

Attendant Friendly

Provides all information needed at the tip of their finger

What can ZF Orchestration Attendant App provide?

The ZF Orchestration Attendant App is a ready to use application that can be downloaded from an App Store. Once logged in, the Attendant can view the current mission details, validate travelers on and off-boarding, view next planned rides and report issues.


Why use ZF Orchestration Attendant App

The ZF Orchestration Attendant App allows the attendant of autonomous vehicles to enter and/or access information that are not autonomously generated such as passenger counting, event reporting or traveler information.
  • Log in to start a shift
  • View the current mission details
  • Validate travelers on and off-boarding
  • View next planned rides
  • Report issues

Enables easy automated mobility service implementation

  • Log in to start a shift
Once the attendant is registered via the ZF Orchestration Dashboard, he/she can log in the Attendant app using his/her credentials to start the shift and initiate AV operations.
  • View the current mission details
At any time, the attendant can view the mission purpose, the destination, the route, the list of travelers involved and the estimated arrival time.
  • Validate travelers boarding and alighting
Once the AV has arrived to destination, a list of travelers to on-board and off-board is displayed. The driver can validate each traveler or flag a no-show.
  • View next planned rides
At any time, the attendant can have a full view of the next rides planned in the current shift.
  • Report issues
The attendant can easily report issues that will be logged, geo-localized and accessible via the Orchestration Dashboard.

Technical specs​

  • Application type: Native Mobile Application
  • Supported operating systems:Android 10 and later


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