Commercial Vehicle Solutions


Simplify collaboration with freelancers or subcontractors​


Driver Assistance​

Driver app for smartphones or tablets​

Android Compliant​

Available on Google Play store​


Mobile telematics​

What can TX-FLEX SOLO provide?

Designed to simplify collaboration with freelance or subcontracted drivers. TX-FLEX SOLO is a driver app that is compatible with Android smartphones and tablets. Besides tracking & tracing drivers from the back office, TX-FLEX SOLO helps them to perform necessary activities like messaging, planning, pallet handling, barcode & document scanning, picture transfer, problem reporting and much more.​



TX-FLEX SOLO makes it easy to work with freelance or subcontracted drivers by integrating them directly into your TX-CONNECT working environment. Simple installation and intuitive user interface help to ensure operational efficiency and transparency. Independent from any fixed telematics solution, it increases flexibility and efficiency by facilitating driver activities on the road.​
  • Simplify fleet management with trucks, trailers and drivers all in TX-CONNECT​
  • Optimize order management​
  • Increase operational transparency​
  • Facilitate driver activities on the road​
  • Enhance customer service​

How to use TX-FLEX SOLO?​

TX-FLEX SOLO can be downloaded from the Google Play store and easily installed on any Android smartphone or tablet. After a simple and secured authentication, it reveals a full-fledged mobile telematics solution that facilitates drivers in their tasks and enables planners at the home base to closely monitor everything that happens on the road.​
  • Two-way text messages​
  • Activity follow-up​
  • Structured 4-level planning​
  • Integrated picture transfer​
  • Barcode scanning​
  • Document scanning​
  • Pallet handling​
  • Digital signatures​

Key device features​

  • Designed for Android smartphones with minimum OS version 5.0 or higher​
  • Navigation: Standard online Google maps / Waze / payable offline Sygic truck or car navigation​
  • Navigation and position follow-up via GPS receiver on the smartphone​
  • Pictures are stored on the smartphone SD card​


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