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Your fleet management assistant​



All-in solution for essential fleet management​


Easy, simple and effortless​

Cost Effective​

€20 per vehicle per month, hardware included​

What can TRAXEE provide?

TRAXEE delivers the essentials of fleet management. These days, that’s much more than just knowing where your trucks and drivers are. That’s why TRAXEE comes packed with features that help you monitor and manage your truck fleet and drivers. All the while, TRAXEE delivers what matters to you most: a simple and effortless fleet management assistant to help you run your business better.



Having someone in your team who tells you how you can save money, who takes over some of your daily tasks, who helps you take better decisions and is dedicated to unburdening you and your organization. TRAXEE will do that from €20 per vehicle per month.
  • Proactive warnings that help you save money​
  • Automated data processing to help you save time​
  • Low-entry application with premium features​
  • All-in package with local support and without long-term commitment

How to use TRAXEE?​

Each of your trucks are fitted with a TRAXEE smart box, pushing data in real time to your private TRAXEE application. You get to decide who can access which parts of the app: just you, also your drivers or maybe even your customers? You’ll be surprised how little time it takes you to fire up the app and start managing your fleet, on virtually any device.​
  • Driver identification​
  • Fleet position and status​
  • Tacho times​
  • Remaining driving and resting times​
  • Activity management​
  • Automatic and remote tacho data download and archiving​
  • Historical routes​
  • Text messaging​
  • ECO driving style analysis​
  • GeoZones​
  • Advanced reports and alarms​
  • Truck-friendly route calculation, including toll costs​
  • Marketplace​


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