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Boosting your productivity through enterprise integration​

Key Facts


Open enterprise solution​

Enhance Productivity​

Integration of familiar back office ​ tools​


Safe data management​

Optimized Workflow​

Reduced software interfacing efforts​

What can TX-TANGO provide?

TX-TANGO is a Web Services platform that promotes integration between Transics’ FMS system and third-party applications. Next to the integration portal, TX-TANGO offers development support, code sampling, testing tools and a rich library of Web Services allowing software integrators to easily collect information from the Transics database. With TX-TANGO, fleets can continue to work with their familiar IT applications and avoid double data entry in planning or payroll applications.


Why use TX-TANGO

Boost productivity by seamlessly linking all familiar transport enterprise applications to the fleet management solution, avoiding double data entry and inconsistencies.
  • Automated info synchronisation
  • Use your data as you see fit
  • Avoid double data entry and mistakes
  • Comfortable set-up
  • Reduced labour cost
  • Future-proof technology

How to use TX-TANGO

TX-TANGO Web services unite all software application data in intelligent building blocks. In this way, it allows your software partners to swiftly collect all relevant information from the Transics database, without needing profound technical knowledge. As a result, your personnel can work in their familiar applications, which interact directly with Transics’ solution.
  • Administration
Centralise and manage all sources (vehicles, drivers, trailers and dispatchers).​
  • Order management
Deal with orders up to four levels: Trip, Place, Job and Product. Follow up the execution of planned orders (arrival / waiting / delivery times and anomalies).​
  • Real-time
Retrieve positions, alarms, temperatures and remaining driving and resting times.​
  • Map functionalities
Visualise maps, positions and Estimated Time of Arrival information; manage Geocoding, GeoFences and Points Of Interest; retrieve routes and link them to the planning.​
  • Messaging
Organise and treat traceable text messages between driver and dispatcher.​
  • Files & docs
Retrieve scans from the Transics in-cabin document scanner and structure the documents and pictures exchanged between driver and dispatcher.​
  • Reporting
Build extensive reports based on all possible data from Transics’ solution.​


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