Commercial Vehicle Solutions


Enabling smarter refuels​

Key Facts

Significant Savings​

Direct fuel savings of up to 9%​

Driver Assistance​

Automatic driver recommendation​

Always Up-to-Date​

Real-time monitoring of refuels​

Fueled by Data​

Big Data-based platform​

What can TX-FUELBOT provide?

TX-FUELBOT is an advanced Big Data application to optimize refueling. It not only analyzes variations in fuel prices across all European fuel stations, but also considers fleet planning & routing and tracks live truck & driver conditions (location, fuel level & consumption, remaining driving times) to predict smarter refueling suggestions. These recommendations are directly communicated to the driver and are also made available to the back office users via an interactive dashboard.



TX-FUELBOT takes over the task of manually analyzing different parameters for refueling optimization, like planning, routing, fuel prices and fuel consumption, and automates the selection of the cheapest refueling station(s) for you. If you are looking for further optimizing refueling cost at all times, regardless of the destinations, and automate the process without any margin of human errors, TX-FUELBOT is the right solution for you.
  • Direct & real-time savings on refuels with the highest accuracy margins
  • Maintenance of perfect refueling schedules with driver guidance
  • Peace of mind with automated refueling optimization
  • Plug and play solution with limited need for human interventions & IT involvements
  • No additional hardware required

How to use TX-FUELBOT

As a true plug and play solution, TX-FUELBOT only requires your Transics customer ID and the entire setup is handled smoothly by us. Once set, it can be tailored to your specific needs with advanced customization opportunities, like fleet-specific fuel prices or discounts and preference towards fuel card providers, fuel brands and fuel stations.
  • Advanced customisation: Indicate your fuel card providers, preferred fuel brands, fleet-specific fuel prices or discounts and preferred refueling stations.​
  • Driver recommendation: The recommendations are directly sent to the driver via TX-SKY or our TX-FLEX driver app. Additionally, there’s also the option for the back office to check the recommendations beforehand.​
  • Real-time overview: The time, place, truck and fuel prices per recommendation are presented via the back office refueling management portal.​
  • Fuel level history
  • Planning history


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