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Always connected to your fleet


Onboard Connectivity​

Connection to digital tachograph and can bus​


On-board computer without driver interface​

Remote Data Hub​

Permanent & secured gateway of truck and driver data​

What can TX-GO 2 provide?

TX-GO 2 is a truck-independent on-board computer without a display, designed for installation behind the dashboard. It is connected to the truck’s digital tachograph, allowing real-time tacho activity follow-up, automated activity management and remote download of mass memory and driver cards. TX-GO 2 is also optionally connected to the CAN bus, allowing fuel management, trend reporting and driver scoring. Integrated within the powerful TX-CONNECT back office platform.


Why use TX-GO 2

TX-GO 2 is the perfect on-board computer for companies that want to do more than only pinpointing their trucks and reconstructing routes, yet do not really require personal interaction with their drivers.
  • Entry-level OBC solution
  • Easy installation, remote configuration and support
  • Consistent and constant communication flow of company-critical data
  • 24/7 use in industrial environments
  • Integration with TX-CONNECT platform
  • Extendable with a TX-FLEX solution

How to use TX-GO 2

The integration of TX-GO 2 with TX-CONNECT results in value-adding back office capabilities: next to position, kilometer and real-time tacho activity status tracking, TX-GO 2 enables remote mass memory & driver card download and permanent driving style monitoring.
  • Geofencing, position updates & historical routes
  • Real-time tacho activity status tracking
  • Real-time view on driving and resting times
  • Remote mass memory & driver card download
  • Fuel consumption reports
  • Driving style monitoring


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