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Define and meet your company objectives​



Trend reporting​

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What can TX-DASHBOARDS provide?

TX-DASHBOARDS is an assessment platform that helps you identify and monitor your strategic objectives. It takes your actual fleet data as a starting point, translates them into trend reports and compares them with your company objectives on 4 levels: vehicle efficiency, driver performance, fuel consumption and customer service.



TX-DASHBOARDS allows you to visualize the performance of your drivers and vehicles and compare them to the objectives you have identified. You can discover opportunities to optimize your operational performance and work out targeted actions. Integrated into the powerful TX-CONNECT back office platform, TX-DASHBOARDS is the trusty yardstick of your corporate performance.
  • Helicopter view on your Key Performance Indicators
  • Your operational dashboards at a click
  • Performance check of drivers and vehicles
  • Detection of organisation opportunities


TX-DASHBOARDS takes your fleet data as a starting point and assesses it against 4 Return on Investment (ROI) criteria.
  • Vehicle efficiency
    Check the amount of kilometres your vehicles travel and how many of those kilometres are empty ones. Compare their average speed and verify the ratio driving versus standstill.​
  • Driver performance
    Verify the distance your drivers travel on an average scale. Have an overview of their service times and the amount of infractions.​
  • Fuel consumption
    Compare the average consumption of your vehicles and check the duration of an average fuel stop by your drivers.​
  • Customer service
    Get insight into the amount of stops and the time your drivers spend per stop. Check how many of your shipments are delivered in time and verify how many anomalies occur per stop.​


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