Commercial Vehicle Solutions


Where the office meets the road​

Key Facts


Web-based back office suite​

Data Rich​

Real-time and historical fleet data​

Field Connectivity​

Information exchange between office and road​


Integration with other software​

What can TX-CONNECT provide?

TX-CONNECT is a web-based back office solution that manages and displays real-time information from trucks, drivers, trailers and business partners. It enables interaction with drivers and visualizations of their activities. TX-CONNECT also offers historical views and reporting. Integration with other software applications guarantees further processing of your fleet data.



TX-CONNECT is the centre of all fleet management activities. It guarantees real-time fleet information, from departure to arrival. Moreover, the platform can be easily integrated into other software and reporting tools.
  • Exception-based fleet management
  • Fleet data in one user-friendly interface
  • Communication hub
  • Strong reporting capabilities
  • Extensive personalisation

How to use TX-CONNECT

By integrating TX-CONNECT with vehicle peripherals and connecting it with other office software, the platform ensures a consistent management of all your trucks, drivers, trailers, cargo and orders.
  • Track & trace on map
    Track your vehicle and trailer positions and check live traffic information. Make the life of drivers and dispatchers easier with extended search capabilities, Points of Interest, GeoFencing alerts and route management. Easily search available freights for your vehicles by integrating with online freight exchange portals.​
  • Vehicle follow-up
    Follow up both real-time and historical data of your vehicles and trailers. Check on position and activity. See which vehicle is driving which trailer and verify the trailer temperature zones. Anticipate on the arrival of the vehicle at its next destination.​
  • Driver-follow-up
    Follow up both real-time and historical data of your drivers and co-drivers. Check which vehicles they are driving, which trailer they are pulling and their activities. Verify their driving, resting and service times and anticipate on their remaining driving times.​
  • Reporting
    Chart your fleet performance by creating extensive reports on the following KPIs:​ Consumption, Activities, Refuelling, Distance, Temperature, Costs, Allowances, Empty / loaded, Border crossing, Pallets, Service times …​
  • Messages and alerts
    Exchange text messages with your drivers and use an automatic translator for your communication with non-native drivers. Define your alarms and check on real-time alerts coming from your vehicles, e.g. speed, GeoFences, driving times, duration of activities … Treat them directly or export them for further reporting.​
  • Planning
    Create 4-level planning trips and send them to your vehicle:​ 1. Trip; 2. Place; 3. Product; 4. Job​
    Check the status of all your sent trips and have an overview of the driver info per trip.​
  • Activity and refuelling management
    Check your driver’s activities and refuelling registrations and apply corporate rules: automatically correct mistakes or abuse in driver registrations.​

Technical specs​

  • Application type: (Microsoft) ClickOnce​
  • Supported browsers: Internet Explorer 7 or later / Mozilla Firefox 2.0 or later (provided that ClickOnce plug-in is installed)​
  • Supported operating systems: Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit / Windows XP SP2 or later / Windows Vista​
  • Supported databases: Sybase / Oracle / SQL​
  • Recommended PC hardware: 1 GB RAM – PIV 2.4 GHz processor – 1280×960 screen resolution – broadband network – 200 MB hard disk space​


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