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Mechanical Air Processing Units

Engineered for optimized performance, fuel savings and CO2 reduction​


High Performance

Enhanced reliability and optimal performance

Fuel Efficiency

Can boost potential energy savings​


Small profile and low weight can lead to easier installation

Ease of Maintenance​

Modular and innovative solutions can optimize maintenance ​

What can Mechanical Air Processing Units provide?

ZF’s broad range of mechanical air processing technology features superbly engineered products designed for high performance, small profile and ease of maintenance. ZF air processing products can protect the air system against water ingress and other pollutants while intelligently managing compressor use and controlling the air regeneration to optimize performance and energy consumption. ​


System Saver HP​

High Performance Air Dryer​

The compact, lightweight dryer features a cartridge-style governor and purge valve. It is optimized for low number of components to offer high drying capacity, optimized installation and ease of maintenance. Two mounting options accommodate most vehicle configurations.​
  • Features replacement spin-on cartridge allowance for simple maintenance​
  • Lighter compared to another leading manufacturer’s air dryer model in the U.S.​
  • Features better drying capacity compared to another leading manufacturer’s model in the U.S.​

System Saver 1200 Plus​

High Capacity Air Dryer​
  • Internal purge volume does not use system air for regeneration, maximizing available air for braking, suspension, transmission​
  • Integrated modular design of air dryer, protection valves and purge volume reservoir is designed to eliminate unnecessary plumbing to reduce maintenance cost ​
  • Integrated drain valve eliminates the wet tank​

Other Air Dryers

System Saver Air Dryers​
  • Functions with standard brake systems and requires no additional purge volume reservoirs​
  • Available with turbo cut-off valve to prevent leakage of turbo boost pressure and use of discharge line unloading options​
System Saver P Air Dryers​
  • For use with a dedicated purge volume reservoir​
  • Ideal for applications calling for frequent starts and stops and long compressor cycles​
System Saver TWIN Air Dryer​
  • Sequential two-cartridge system allows one to regenerate while the other continues to dry the air​
  • Designed for compressors that operate almost continuously ​


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