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Roadcaster Unit

The intelligent connectivity solution for multimedia content by ZF OPENMATICS


Powerful bus WiFi

The Roadcaster Unit serves up to 100 devices

Simplify management

Easily view statistics on users and content

Bring your own device

Passengers can access content with their own devices.

What can Roadcaster Unit provide?

Traveling is much more fun when you can enjoy high-quality entertainment on the way. With the Roadcaster Unit, the wireless onboard infotainment system for city buses and coaches, passengers can enjoy films, series and music or surf the Internet via a stable, on-board WiFi hot spot. ZF OPENMATICS offers the Roadcaster Unit as an extensive all-in-one solution in a package including user interface, overview portal and media licenses.


1 Ethernet Pot 12 Ethernet Pot 23 LTE Antenna (FAKRA)4 LTE Antenna (FAKRA)5 LTE Antenna (FAKRA)6 LTE Antenna (FAKRA)7 GPS Antenna (FAKRA)8 Power Supply 12-48 VDC (PINS 1-2) und Ignition (PIN 3)9 Serial RS-232 interface (PINS 4-6)10 Optional WLAN Antenna11 Optional LTE Antenna12 Optional Extension for Audio





Roadcaster Unit Datasheet


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