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Driver Feedback Device

Keeping you up to date on inadmissible driving behavior


Eco-friendly driving

A beep and flashing LEDs alert the driver of exceeded limits

Driving behavior

Keeping you up to date on inadmissible driving behavior.


Operated via the telematics unit installed in the vehicle.

What can Driver Feedback Device provide?

Eco-friendly driving contributes to reducing costs for fuel and maintenance. Our Driver Feedback Device is a smart addition to the ZF OPENMATICS telematics system: An LED and audio signal alerts drivers as soon as they exceed a limit value. Analyze the driving behavior of your drivers and receive reports on inadmissible driving behavior.


Driver Feedback Device
Dimensions (l × w × h)70.6 mm × 40.6 mm × 29.0 mm
Weight358 g
Power supplyvia Onboard Unit
Operating temperature-40 °C to +85 °C


Driver feedback Datasheet


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