Commercial Vehicle Solutions

Brake Chambers

Service and spring brake chamber range for air disc and drum brake applications​


Reliable Braking

Helps to ensure the correct transmission of force​

Longer Lifespan

Corrosion protected service and spring brake parts​

Premium Quality​

Made of high-grade materials rigorously tested by ZF ​

Proven Technology ​

More than 70 million units sold worldwide

What can Brake Chambers provide?

Trusted brake chamber technology available in multiple variants comprising service brake chambers, piston type and double diaphragm spring brake chambers. ZF‘s brake chambers ensure the correct transmission of pressure to the brake. While UNISTOP reliably actuates the service brake, TRISTOP and TRISTOP D also enable parking and fail-safe braking functions.​



High quality piston and double diaphragm spring brakes with robust sealing and high inner component protection
Customer Benefits:
  • Enable service, parking and emergency brake functions
  • Piston type spring chamber enables higher force transmission
  • Internal Breathing Valve (IBV) provides clean and dry air only
  • Helps to maximize protection against exterior contaminants
  • Coil clash-free design prevents corrosion on parking spring
  • Helps to maximize brake chamber life and vehicle uptime


Road proven solution with a wide range of variants for air disc and drum brakes

Customer Benefits:
  • Reliably enables service brake function
  • Robust design helps to maximize product life
  • Trusted technology in millions of commercial vehicle applications


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