Commercial Vehicle Solutions

Engine Driven Compressors

The widest range of field proven compressors for commercial vehicles with IC engines


Fuel Savings​

Provides efficient on and off-load management solutions​

High Performance

Deliver leading air output performance and high pressures​

Extended Durability ​

Low carbon build-up and oil-carry over enhances durability

Proven Technology

Road-tested solutions and options for all CV classes

What can Engine Driven Compressors provide?

Compressors generate the pressurized air used in the braking system, air suspension and other air-based applications. ZF compressors feature highly sophisticated components like high-efficiency die-cast aluminum cylinder heads, power reduction systems and water jackets. Customers can select from a wide range of road-proven options, either as a single option or as a combined package.​


c-comp Clutch Compressor​

Compressor with an integrated multi-disc pneumatic clutch to disengage the compressor during off-load phases ​
  • Provides significant fuel savings by reducing off-load power consumption​
  • Compressor disengagement increases the usable engine power​
  • Provides substantial fuel savings when used in conjunction with FuelGuard Electronic Air Processing Units​
  • Mature and robust solution with hundreds of thousands of units on the road​

d-comp Dual-Stage Compressor​

Revolutionary high-performance dual-stage compressor ​
  • Delivers cleaner air and high efficiency for long life and user satisfaction​
  • Enables significantly reduced carbon build-up and exhaust temperatures (~100°C / 210°F lower temperatures)​
  • Can sustain higher duty cycles​
  • More than 500,000 units on the road

h-comp Airlite High Output Compressor​

High Output Single and Twin Cylinder Compressors increasing air delivery by using a 100 mm diameter piston​
  • Single cylinder compressor with comparable air output to twin cylinder compressor​
  • Single cylinder Grey Iron implementation enables 30% weight saving vs a twin-cylinder compressor​
  • Twin compressor increases free air delivery​
  • Can support an aluminum crankcase enabling weight reduction of up to 50% compared to traditional grey iron compressors

w-comp Water-Cooled Compressor​

Compressor with water-cooled crankcase and cylinder head ​
  • Enables high durability thanks to reduced carbon build-up and oil carry-over​
  • Provides significant fuel savings when used with optional Optimized Power Reduction system (OPR)


c comp brochure

Dual stage Compressor Sales Brochure​

h comp Sales Brochure

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