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Intelligent Trailer Program Operational Efficiency

Efficiency functions that provide more speed and simplification

Key Facts

Boosts Trailer´s IQ​

Customizable solutions enhance safety & daily operations​

Adaptable Functions​

OEMs & fleets can select functions to meet specific needs

Leading Technology​

Leverages ZF's leading Trailer Electronic Braking System


Connects drivers, fleets & cargo owners with trailer data

What can Intelligent Trailer Program Operational Efficiency provide?

The Intelligent Trailer Program operational efficiency features provide more knowledge on the vehicle for both driver and fleet management. These customizable smart functions are designed to enhance efficiency by accelerating and/or simplifying trailer operations while providing key indicators on its status. ​


Memory Level

Programmable trailer height levels to achieve optimum on-the-road efficiency and safety
  • Automatically maintains trailer at the level of the loading bay during loading /unloading procedures
  • Leverages OptiLevel features to provide 6 programmable height levels
  • Driving and loading or unloading levels can be activated using OptiLink, SmartBoard, Remote Control Unit, speed level or a switch on the dashboard
  • Improves vehicle stability when travelling at high speeds and while loading or unloading
  • Reduces loading and unloading turnaround time at warehouses by eliminating manual adjustment of the trailer height
  • Driver can stay comfortably in the cab during bad weather or in dangerous environments
  • Trailer builder or service partner can use diagnostic software to pre-program driving levels in the Trailer EBS E

Return to Load Level

Maintains trailer at the level of the loading bay
  • Automatically re-adjusts trailer height to the selected ramp level as the weight on the trailer increases or decreases while loading and unloading
  • Reaction times can be parameterized to optimize air consumption
  • Is one of the six functions of OptiLevel
  • Automatic trailer height adjustment allows forklifts to more easily and safely enter and exit the trailer platform
  • Eliminates the need to manually lift or lower the chassis height
  • Allows the driver to stay safely and comfortably in the truck cabin

Trailer Immobilizer

Secures trailer with unique PIN code locking system​
  • Protect your trailer with the clean-hand alternative for the king pin lock
  • Protects trailers against theft and unauthorized use
  • Helps prevent drivers from picking up the wrong trailer
  • Activate the lock from the comfort of the truck cabin by using OptiLink smartphone app​
  • Can be retrofitted with Trailer EBS E Premium version 1.5 (2010) or higher
  • Use a simple, one-step process to activate and deactivate the trailer’s spring brakes to lock or release the wheels

Trailer Extension Control

Safely accelerating telescopic trailer extension process
  • Automatically locks the telescope and releases the brake after extending the trailer
  • The truck can pull the front part of the trailer forward, while the rear part stays locked
  • After extending, the trailer is automatically blocked and the brakes released
  • Reduces tire damage by keeping front tires of full trailers from scraping over the ground while extending the telescopic trailer
  • Requires fewer components compared to other trailer extension solutions

Operating Data Recorder

'Black Box' that records all trailer operating data
  • Records data from previous 600 trailer related trips, including speed, axle load, distance, brake wear and RSS events
  • Data can be remotely accessed via telematics or at the vehicle via Diagnostics software, SmartBoard, OptiLink or the ODR-Tracker-Software
  • Optimizes fleet performance by quickly identifying recurring overload or structural underutilization of trailers
  • Optimizes maintenance planning and reduces maintenance costs
  • Improves driver safety and efficiency by identifying inappropriate driving behavior based on objective data
  • Uses data to build management reports on driver behavior and vehicle utilization

Brake Pad Wear Indicator

Detects and alerts when brake pads need replacement
  • Sensors on each brake pad connected to the Trailer EBS trigger an alert when the brake pad wear has reached a limitation of its original pad thickness
  • Provides wear status visibility to both drivers (via OptiLink, SmartBoard - or via a warning lamp) and fleet owners (via the TX-TRAILERGUARD web portal or fleet management system)

Service Mind

Alerts drivers on due service intervals on the trailer
  • Allows for tracking operating hours of moving components and reminds of service intervals to minimize maintenance costs
  • Stores service intervals based on operating hours in the Trailer EBS E memory for key moving components on a trailer
  • Alerts driver on the dashboard or on Smartboard when a maintenance interval is reached
  • Helps to reduce downtime caused by worn components
  • Allows for pre-scheduled maintenance planning
  • Can be retrofitted with Trailer EBS E version 2.5 (2012) or higher

Notebook Memory

Vehicle data safeguard to optimize service and support
  • Stores key vehicle data – part numbers, vehicle identification data, service history, contact details, invoicing information - in the EBS system memory
  • Leverages the diagnostic software. Can also function with imported spreadsheet data
  • Ready access to vehicle data allows efficient trailer servicing and reduces downtime
  • Data can be displayed in the diagnostic software and exported to a spreadsheet for further analysis

Advanced Multivoltage

Connects 12V and 24V trucks to your trailer without converters
  • Enables fleets with a mix of 24V trucks and 12V trucks to operate all trailers in the fleet
  • Saves money by eliminating the need for an external power converter between trucks and trailer
  • Supports special trailers with multiple EBS modulators to avoid low voltage
  • Available from Trailer EBS E version 2 (2011) onwards

Battery Control

Maintains uncoupled trailer functions active
  • Activates and powers trailer functions while uncoupled from the truck
  • Supports stand-alone battery in the trailer connected to Trailer EBS E
  • Battery is automatically activated when the trailer is uncoupled from the truck, providing uninterrupted electric power to Trailer EBS
  • Control all TEBS and suspension functions and access to trailer data using the SmartBoard or OptiLink
  • Provides auto switch-off as per parameter setting and wake-up by push button
  • Can be retrofitted with Trailer EBS E Premium version 2 (2011) or higher
  • Links to trailer EBS


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