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Intelligent Trailer Program Driver Effectiveness

Suite of tools designed to make trailer operations easier and more effective for the driver

Key Facts

Boosts Trailer´s IQ​

Customizable solutions enhance safety & daily operations​

Adaptable Functions​

OEMs & fleets can select functions to meet specific needs

Leading Technology​

Leverages ZF's leading Trailer Electronic Braking System


Connects drivers, fleets & cargo owners with trailer data

What can Intelligent Trailer Program Driver Effectiveness provide?

Retaining skilled drivers is the key to run an efficient operation, which is why the trailers should help supporting their daily routines. These Intelligent Trailer Program functions provide a toolbox to contribute to effectiveness, safety and comfort, designed to make trailer operations easier and more effective for the driver.​



Control pad to monitor and operate the trailer
  • Enables driver to monitor and control the trailer, as mounted on the side of the trailer and linked directly to the Trailer EBS or Trailer ABS ​
  • Provides access to key trailer information including data on axle load, mileage status, tire pressure and brake pad wear ​
  • Enables operation of trailer suspension functions, if available, such as chassis and axle lifting & lowering ​
  • Receives Trailer EBS diagnostic codes, even on uncoupled trailer, helping to optimize maintenance schedules ​
  • 18 pre-programmed languages enable usage by multi-national driver crews ​
  • Faster and advanced usability via eight control buttons rather than three and self-adapting display preferences based on usage patterns ​
  • Robust and flexible device with high temperature range and vertical as well as 45° mounting angle options ​
  • ADR and standard versions are available with and without battery ​

Traction Help

Enhances grip on slippery roads
  • Enables easier starting on hills or on slippery roads covered in sand, mud, snow or ice
  • Trailer EBS lifts the first trailer axle, adding weight to the truck's rear axle resulting in a stronger grip on the road
  • Automatically lowers the trailer axle once the vehicle is driving above the parameterized speed-threshold
  • Can be activated from within the cabin using the OptiLink, via a switch or by brake pedal
  • Can be set as an automatic function during the winter season (only in combination with NewSmartBoard, telematics or the truck’s time stamp)
  • Reduces tire wear by avoiding wheelspin
  • Helps to minimize accidents caused by swerving trailer tail
  • Automatically respects total permitted load of the axles


Automatically returns the trailer to normal driving height when driving
  • Automatically protects the trailer by restoring the driving height after loading/unloading when a pre-programmed speed is reached.
  • Improves efficiency and speed of delivery times by allowing the driver to start driving after loading or unloading without having to leave the truck cabin
  • Helps to avoid damage to the chassis, axles and fragile cargo
  • Speed level programmed between 5-20km/h
  • Return-to-Ride is one of the six OptiLevel functions and works as stand-alone function
  • Direct valve control with TASC (Trailer Air Suspension Control) enabling rapid level change

Finisher Brake

Synchronizes the tipper and an asphalt finisher machine while unloading
  • Automatically synchronizes tipper and asphalt finisher vehicle by maintaining a constant braking pressure – ensuring asphalt is laid evenly
  • Prevents costly damage and spillage when unloading tippers during downhill operations
  • Activated by a switch when the tipper starts lifting to unload asphalt into the finisher machine
  • Uses SmartBoard or OptiLink to adjust braking pressure during uphill and downhill to compensate for increasing road slope angles
  • Trailer EBS softly brakes (0.5 bar to 1 bar) to stay synchronized with the asphalt finisher machine

Trailer Length

Measures and displays the actual length of telescopic trailers
  • Trailer EBS converts the positions of proximity switches installed on the extendable platform into a trailer length
  • The actual trailer length is displayed in the SmartBoard
  • No need for manual measuring or guessing
  • Can be retrofitted up from Trailer EBS E Premium version 4 (2014)

Steering Axle Lock

Enables straight driving whilst in reverse
  • Trailer EBS automatically locks self-steering axle during reversing operations to enable straight driving and to maintain trailer stability
  • Automatic locking of the steering axle on high speed helps to increase vehicle stability and safety
  • Automatic locking and unlocking saves time and increases driver safety and comfort
  • Reduces tire wear during reversing
  • Function activated via both, vehicle speed and reverse signal


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