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Intelligent Transmission Automation

Highly efficient automation solutions for commercial vehicle transmissions ​


Fuel Efficiency

Up to 5% less fuel consumption versus manual transmissions

Driver Support​

Increases driver efficiency across all experience levels

Enhanced Uptime

Reduced mechanical wear helps maximize vehicle uptime​

Leading Technology

Market leader for transmission automation technology​

What can Intelligent Transmission Automation provide?

Our solutions release drivers from constant clutch and shift operations through automated, optimized gear shifting for a safer and more comfortable driving experience, offering additional benefits such as improved fuel efficiency and longer component lifetime.​​



Leading modular transmission automation solution featuring award-winning and patented technology which can turn nearly every manual transmission into an automated manual transmission ​

Customer Benefits: ​
  • Applies to different types of commercial vehicles​
  • Cost-effective solution from small volume application onwards ​
  • Lowers development cost by more than 80% versus customized solution ​
  • Offers extensive customization options with unique calibration tool myOptiDrive
  • Experienced engineering support from concept to serial production​


The system automates and optimizes gear shifting in 5-18 speed manual transmissions for different types of commercial vehicles

Features & Capabilities: ​
  • Complete system including hardware and software ​
  • Designed for constant and synchro-mesh gearboxes ​
  • System modularity easily adapts to existing gearboxes ​
  • Full automation of shifting and clutching ​
  • Helps to increase safety by interaction with systems like ABS or ESC​smart


OptiDrive Fact Sheet

Keen to get more product-related details? Download further information to see what a great efficiency booster this technology can be.


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