Commercial Vehicle Solutions


Advanced Emergency Braking System (AEBS)​

Key Facts

Enhances Safety​

Helps to prevent one of the most common causes of accidents​

Enables Quick Payback​

Supports vehicle uptime and on-time delivery​

Boosts Driver Comfort​

Helps to make driving a safer and less stressful experience

Enables Fuel Savings​

Adaptive Cruise Control allows for fuel savings of up to 1%​

What can OnGuardACTIVE provide?

This lean ‘radar-only’ active safety system assists truck and bus drivers in recognizing and responding to dangerous driving scenarios that could lead to a rear-end collision with a moving or stationary vehicle ahead - even in low visibility conditions. The system monitors the traffic situation ahead and warns the driver of imminent collisions. If the driver does not take corrective action, OnGuardACTIVE is able to autonomously apply up to full braking. ​


Customer Benefits​

  • Works even in poor visibility conditions ​
  • Able to stop the truck from up to 80 km/h ​
  • Helps to avoid fatalities, injuries and accident-related costs ​
  • Supports to optimize vehicle uptime ​
  • Helps to make driving a safer and less stressful experience​

Features & Capabilities​

  • Relies on dual-mode long range radar ​
  • Detects impending rear-end collisions with vehicles ahead ​
  • Supports with forward collision warning and active braking ​
  • Comes with Adaptive Cruise Control ​
  • Integrates with ZF’s modular and scalable ADAS suit​


OnGuard Info Graphic

When it comes to active safety and advanced emergency braking, we are your partner of choice. Here you find some facts&figures substantiating our expertise

OnGuardACTIVE Press Graphic

Click here to get a visual explanation of the driving scenarios where this system can truly be a life saver.


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