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Improve your trailer uptime and monitor performance anywhere, anytime.

Key Facts

Cloud connectivity

Enables GPS position tracking and critical issue alerts

Vehicle uptime

Helps monitor health state of trailer systems

Service & repair

Supports optimized planning of maintenance cycles

What can SCALAR EVO Cast provide?

SCALAR EVO Cast, previously known as TrailerCast, is designed to analyze and deliver the critical insights to help keep trailers on the road. By monitoring data from the iABS and other integrated intelligent trailer products and sensors, SCALAR EVO Cast is designed to determine if there is a critical issue and alert the fleet via cloud connectivity. GPS position tracking and an available battery-backup system, SCALAR EVO Cast combines a very robust track-and-trace features with integration.


SCALAR EVO Cast Provides Connection

Connecting the Trailer for Critical Insights
  • Enables connectivity services for Fleet
  • Is designed to track & trace your trailers, increase trailer lifetime, mitigate unnecessary downtimes
  • After-Sales access to trailer data
  • Access insights on utilization and analytics on maintenance and quality; helps optimize the claims handling process (warranty analysis)
  • Improve value of/for the service network
  • Proactive health monitoring, downtime reduction via better/faster repairs, maintenance lifecycle management

Leveraging iABS and Enabling Intelligent Trailer Features

Leading the Way for Connected Trailer
  • ZF iABS is helping raise the IQ of commercial trailers through connectivity and data integration, improving overall communication between the tractor and the trailer and enabling deeper fleet intelligence capabilities. Optimized trailer connectivity platform leverages iABS as a gateway for up to 20 intelligent trailer products and serves as the hub for ABS information such as mileage, faults and operational data.

Delivering the Information Value

Providing Flexibility to Fleets
The end-to-end platform is designed to deliver alerts and notifications in real-time to your back office software platform. ZF's open platform approach helps to provide critical insights to a wide variety of vehicle systems to accelerate decision making and maximize trailer uptime.
Benefits of the SCALAR EVO Cast open platform include:
  • Incorporate 3rd party sensors from partners
  • Integrate with 3rd party data suppliers via a network of partners
  • Keep existing familiar fleet data systems


iABS Brochure

iABS is helping to raise the IQ of commercial trailers through connectivity and data integration


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