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Electronic high security locking system for trailer and container doors

Key Facts

Enhanced Security

Helps prevent cargo theft, exchange & unregistered items

Reduces Risk

Reduces risk of drivers mistakenly held for fraud or theft

Aids Refrigeration

Helps prevent interruption of cooling chain

Easy to Use

Easy to lock/unlock via PIN keypad or telematics

What can OptiLock provide?

OptiLock provides more than just a method of securing a door, it also provides a record of guardianship, for example by preventing temperature changes due to unauthorized opening of refrigerated trucks. In the modern world, OptiLock provides the peace of mind a padlock cannot provide.


Customer Benefits

  • Helps prevent theft and exchange of goods
  • Helps prevent transport of unregistered goods
  • Reduces the risk for drivers to be mistakenly held responsible for fraud or theft
  • Helps prevent interruption of cooling chain
  • Easy to lock and unlock by PIN code on keypad or wireless via telematics
  • First electronic locking system with multistage security concept
  • First electronic locking system with emergency opening tool

Features & Capabilities

  • 3-stage security model with virtual keys
  • Modular system of four variants that can be tailored to logistics requirements
  • Operation via keypad or wireless
  • Allows to transfer responsibility from the driver to the back office
  • Door sensors allow for control of door status and automatic locking
  • Multiple sensors (e.g. light and motion) and alarm devices can be connected
  • Link to telematics for remote control of the system
  • Link to Trailer EBS E for power control
  • Independent from power connection of truck due to external battery
  • Emergency opening tool available
  • Supports certification for TAPA TSR-1, all tobacco industry standards, GDP: Pharma and Food Defense
  • Electricity supply of 12V or 24V

Complete System


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