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OptiRide Electronically Controlled Air Suspension

Designed to enhance commercial vehicle traction performance and provide ride height flexibility


Increased Comfort

Greater driver comfort with improved suspension quality

Enhanced Efficiency

Helps optimize daily operations

Fuel Savings

Low weight and reduced air consumption can save fuel

Increased Uptime

Extended component life can support uptime

What can OptiRide Electronically Controlled Air Suspension provide?

ZF’s OptiRide Electronically Controlled Air Suspension can improve driver comfort through better ride quality and can enable lifting and lowering of the chassis for more efficient handling and operating. A broad variety of value-adding functionalities are designed to enable fleets to optimize operations and can help increase uptime.


Intelligent Side Kneeling

  • Supports passengers to get on and off the bus
  • Increases passenger safety
  • Supports timely arrival and departure times

Ride Quality

  • Offers outstanding suspension quality
  • Provides excellent cargo treatment
  • Supports driver comfort
  • Less air consumption helps to improve fuel efficiency

Indirect Passenger Counting

  • Helps to optimize vehicle utilization
  • Increases vehicle and fleet efficiency

Anti-Tilt Support

  • Increases vehicle safety at critical inclined positions
  • Supports international tilt-test standards


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