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Load Optimization : Intelligent Trailer Program

Functions to monitor and optimize trailer cargo load to save fuel and maintenance costs​

Key Facts

Boosts Trailer´s IQ​

Customizable solutions enhance safety & daily operations​

Strong Adaptable Funct

OEMs & fleets can select functions to meet specific needs

Leading Technology​

Leverages ZF's leading Trailer Electronic Braking System


Connects drivers, fleets & cargo owners with trailer data

What can Load Optimization : Intelligent Trailer Program provide?

The weight and distribution of cargo on the trailer has implications for safety, driver comfort, fuel efficiency and maintenance. This suite of trailer functions helps to prevent trailer overload and also to optimize cargo distribution and vehicle stability throughout the journey for the best possible performance. ​


Axle Load Monitoring

Intelligent Trailer Program Load Optimization
  • Measures axle loads and warns of an overload.
  • Supports loading process
  • Helps to avoid axle overload
  • Monitors axle weight in real time and can send alerts via telematics

Tag Axle Control

Intelligent Trailer Program Load Optimization
  • After the vehicle's spring bag pressures are lowered, ZF's tag axle control system monitors vehicle speed and automatically reinflates suspension to normal pressures at speeds over 10 mph.
  • Mitigates wear associated with tire scrubbing by reducing the load on the tag axle during parking lot maneuvers and cornering
  • Helps to reduce expenses associated with premature tire wear and replacements
  • Automates reinflation process which reduces stress on wheel and chassis components


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