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OptiFlow Rear Fairings

Designed to improve fleet fuel economy and reduce environmental impact

Key Facts

Fuel Savings

4.3% fuel savings at highway speeds

Driver Support

Speed dependent operation doesn't require driver action

Proven Design

EPA verified and C.A.R.B. pre-approved device


Durable and reliable lightweight plastic components

What can OptiFlow Rear Fairings provide?

Lightweight aerodynamic tail for trailers designed to improve fleet fuel economy and reduce environmental impact by lowering CO2 emissions. 4.3% fuel savings at highway speeds. No driver interaction and speed dependent operation. EPA verified and C.A.R.B pre-approved device.


OptiFlow Tail

  • A reliable, powerful and yet compact tail that competes against larger, bulkier devices.
  • Ideal to operate in the fleet’s working environment
  • Can be upgraded to incorporate OptiFlow AutoTail’s features
  • Validated in rough environments under automotive testing standards, assuring peace of mind of drivers and companies
  • Molded panels made with stainless and aluminum components designed to endure even the harshest conditions

OptiFlow Tail

  • Submitted to the harshest environment under automotive testing standards,
  • Assuring peace of mind
  • Lowest subjected total cost of ownership for a solid return of investment
  • Durable and reliable components

OptiFlow AutoTail

  • OptiFlow AutoTail, is the new patented1 benchmark in rear aerodynamic solutions.
  • AutoTail is designed to keep cargo handling unaffected.
  • The patented top-panel design allows its deformation to wedge into the reduced available space between door and trailer side wall when opened reducing rear-door opening angle.
  • The trailer can operate as usual, top marking lights are unhindered and doors chain stays will attach, just as in any other trailer door application.

OptiFlow AutoTail

  • OptiFlow AutoTail has been submitted to the harshest environment under automotive testing standards, assuring peace of mind, lowest subjected total cost of ownership for a solid return of investment.
  • The lightweight plastic construction of the components are durable and reliable when compared to heavier and expensive metal components.

OptiFlow AutoTail

  • By connecting to the trailer’s ABS the AutoTail may deploy at a speed of 45 miles per hour and as the trailer slows down or brakes the AutoTail is designed to self retract at speeds below 10 miles per hour.
  • Panels and struts are made of robust automotive-grade injection
  • Molded TPO plastic; brackets, stiffeners, pneumatic cylinders and connectors are manufactured from high quality stainless steel and aluminum for maximum rust resistance.
  • No driver interaction is required.


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