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Trailer Braking Systems​

Proven market leader in trailer braking ​and controls.


Proven Leader

Over 3 million trailer braking units sold in N. America.


iABS supports a variety of intelligent trailer functions


Trailer ABS and RSS available in multiple variants

Maintenance Support

Aftermarket support includes service parts and retrofits

What can Trailer Braking Systems​ provide?

ZF is the proven market leader in trailer controls offering fleets and end-users a robust portfolio of Anti-Lock Braking Systems (ABS) and Roll Stability Support (RSS) for virtually any trailer application. ZF is the trailer ABS leader with an install base of more than 6.5 million systems worldwide.



  • New generation global ABS for all trailer types, iABS offers a more integrated and simplified design, as well as increased functionality to enhance the safety and efficiency of trailers​
  • iABS offers both tank and frame mounting option​
  • Can be integrated with more than 20 optional Intelligent Trailer functions​
  • 5V CAN communication allows for connecting and communicating to systems beyond braking​
  • Available only on premium variants, generic input/output (GIO) ports deliver a wide variety of functions and applications

EasyStop and Enhanced EasyStop

  • ABS provides trailer monitoring and control capabilities ​
  • 2S/1M Basic: 2-sensor/1-ABS relay valve system provides increased directional stability while meeting FMVSS-121 requirements. Recommended for converter dolly and semi-trailer applications.​
  • 2S/2M Standard: 2-sensor/2-ABS relay valve system delivers extra control and directional stability with increased protection against tire flat-spotting. Valves can be serviced individually. Recommended for single and tandem axle semi-trailers.​
  • 4S/2M Premium: choice of 2 or 4 sensors. A third relay valve is available on the 4-sensor model. Recommended for tandem axle semi-trailers, multi-axle or full trailers.

Roll Stability Support

  • ZF Roll Stability Support (RSS) systems for trailers incorporate ABS performance, key safety features and improved roll mitigation.
  • Automatically applies trailer brakes as needed in order to reduce the risk of rollover and helps the driver bring the vehicle under control
  • RSS effectiveness is even greater when the tractor is equipped with ZF Stability Control
  • RSS 1M is a 2-sensor/1-modulator system with advanced performance


iABS Brochure

iABS is helping to raise the IQ of commercial trailers through connectivity and data integration


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