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Trailer Electronic Braking System

Industry first EBS for trailers increasing commercial vehicle safety and efficiency


Enhanced Safety

Helps optimize stopping distance​

Efficient Intelligence

Enables ZF's award winning Intelligent Trailer Program​

Trusted Technology

More than 3 million systems sold worldwide​

What can Trailer Electronic Braking System provide?

Market-leading electronic braking system (EBS) for trailers provides a broad range of braking and suspension functions. The system optimizes brake force distribution adjusted to varying vehicle conditions and controls the trailer’s chassis height allowing for automatic and customized adjustment. Furthermore, ZF’s trailer EBS supports tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) compliant with latest European General Safety Regulation (GSR II) by fast data transmission to the driver’s dashboard.​


Features & Capabilities

  • Electronically controlled braking system (EBS) designed for trailers that is optimizing braking and suspension functions
  • Helps to optimize brake force distribution adjusted to axle load conditions on different road friction surfaces
  • Helps to reduce stopping distance whilst maintaining improved vehicle stability
  • Controls required trailer height during standstill and driving
  • Integrates overload protection, charging valve, and distribution manifold to Spring Brakes and Auxiliaries supply into an improved pneumatic extension module (PEM)​
  • Offers high modularity to match the requirements of all trailer types, including combined, and extra-long configurations​
  • Compliant with UN ECE R 141 to fulfill European General Safety Regulation regarding TPMS (requires ZF TEBS E6.5)​
  • Analyses vehicle data intelligently
  • Allows for a wide spectrum parameterization and functionalities within the ZF Intelligent Trailer Program​
  • Feeds data into the Operating Data Recorder (ODR)
  • Seamlessly integrates with trailer telematics TX-TRAILERPULSE™ and telematics portal TX-TRAILERFIT™ ​

Customer Benefits

  • Contributes to safer and faster operation during unloading and loading by maintaining customized height setting, automatically returns to ride height when start driving ​
  • Combines brake and suspension functions into a single device
  • Continuously ensures premium brake performance
  • Allows for easier installation and maintenance​
  • Helps prevent mechanical damages to the foundation brake ​
  • Can be mounted and retrofitted to all trailer types
  • Enables fast CAN data transmission from trailer to truck for Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems, like ZF OptiTire, directly to the driver’s dashboard in line with UN ECE R141​
  • Supporting a wide variety of safety and efficiency functions provided by the ZF Intelligent Trailer Program​
  • Enables comfortable customization of functions to meet individual fleet requirements
  • Allows for remote diagnostics to provide insights into technical performance, trailer health and driver behavior​


Intelligent Trailer Program Brochure

Find out more how to optimize daily operations. At the Yard – On the Road – At the Dock​


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