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Automated Manual Transmission (AMT)

Modular automated manual transmission technology that can be adapted to a wide range of gear boxes

Key Facts

Driver Comfort

Relieves driver from shifting gears and clutch operation


Enables comfortable, smooth and safe driving

High Performance

Available from 6-speed up to 18-speed applications


First-to-market in 1986 with AMT technology

What can Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) provide?

ZF automated manual transmission (AMT) technology is designed to automatically engage clutch and gear shift actuation. AMT can do away with frequent shifting to improve driver comfort, reduce stress and fatigue, and support drivers with concentrating on traffic conditions. Optimized gear shifting can improve driver effectiveness, particularly among less experienced drivers.



  • Reduces mechanical wear enabling lower maintenances costs and vehicle downtime
  • Offers up to 5% fuel savings compared to manual transmissions
  • Seamlessly integrated with CV industry‚Äôs hybrid drives

Clutch Control

  • Manual and Automated
  • A full range of manual and automated clutch systems, slave cylinders and hydraulic hoses.
  • Wide range of clutch control components for customer needs worldwide
  • Enable optimized gearshift operation
  • Available for light- to heavy-duty truck, bus and off-highway applications


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