Commercial Vehicle Solutions

EcoLife 2

Fully automatic 6-speed transmission for city bus applications


High Robustness

Corrosion-/pressure-resistant stainless steel heat exchanger


Provides up to 20 kg lower weight compared to predecessor


Saves up to 3% fuel compared to predecessor

What can EcoLife 2 provide?

ZF’s next generation 6-speed automatic transmission is based on 4 decades of history in successful automatic transmission solutions for bus applications. Its weight-optimized and more robust design delivers an excellent and smooth driving experience through fast, comfortable gearshifts. It features a new torsional damper and advanced software functions helping to provide quieter operation while improving overall fuel efficiency.


Customer Benefits

  • Serves all types of city and intercity bus applications up to 32t responding to specific customer needs
  • Integrated dual cooling system provides increased robustness and consistent performance
  • Supports to improve overall cost-effectiveness through higher product lifetime, extended oil change and service intervals
  • Features compact design and light weight
  • Provides up to 3% fuel savings compared to its previous generation
  • Provides excellent driving performance with fast gearshifts
  • Enables a smooth and comfortable driving experience

Features & Capabilities

  • Provides an optimized torque converter design with forged converter cover able to achieve up to 2,000 Nm engine torque
  • Integrates the transmission heat exchanger in the retarder heat exchanger made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, while eliminating the aluminum water tank
  • Provides greater resistance to poor coolant quality
  • Reduces weight up to 20 kg compared to its previous generation EcoLife, Gen.1 models with automatic engine stop converter and same torque capacity
  • Features a new torsional damper with larger torsion angle and progressive characteristic curve
  • Provides shifting at lower engine speeds to improve fuel efficiency
  • Contributes to lower vibration and noise level
  • Offers various software functions helping to further improve fuel economy


Axle & Transmission Systems for Buses & Coaches | Achs- & Getriebesysteme für Busse

Product Overview | Produktübersicht

Factsheet: EcoLife 2


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