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Intarder for Truck Transmissions

More safety while braking



Fading and wear-free continuous braking


Assumes up to 90% of all braking processes

Cooling and heating

Earlier to operating temperature by integrated oil circuit

What can Intarder for Truck Transmissions provide?

The truck’s braking system must be at least as powerful as the engine. The Intarder that is integrated in the transmission relieves the service brakes by up to 90 percent. In doing so, it reduces environmental impact and maintenance costs.


Perfectly regulated braking

With the Intarder, multiple brake stages are available to the driver in order to adapt the braking performance of the vehicle optimally to the route and the traffic situation. In doing so, the hydrodynamic hydraulic brake decelerates independently of the engine speed and enables wear-free continuous braking. The brake force is not interrupted, even during clutch actuation and shifting."

In contrast to retarders made by other manufacturers, the Intarder is integrated into the transmission in a space-saving way. As a result, it can be easily attached to manual and automatic transmission systems and can be optimally integrated into the vehicle brake management including the cruise control function.

The Intarder is available for manual ZF synchromesh transmissions with 12 and 16 gears as well as the automatic TraXon transmissions.


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Good braking. Better driving. Intarder! Structure & Function, Benefits & System Integration.

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