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Predictive maintenance

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What can TraXon provide?

Comfort and reduced fuel consumption, less weight and more performance, a longer service life and less maintenance – with the TraXon automated transmission system we are on our way towards achieving a new standard of efficiency.


Modular extendable in varied manner

As a modular transmission platform featuring 12 or 16 forward gears, TraXon offers a variety of possible configurations. These include a single or twin plate clutch, a dual clutch, a hybrid module, the Intarder and various power take-offs.

Specially developed single and twin disk clutches are available for every application, allowing the TraXon transmission system to achieve its full performance.

ConAct® replaces the conventional clutch actuation system with a concentric, pneumatic release cylinder. The system automatically determines the optimal release position; the vehicle electronics system smoothly controls the actuation process. This eliminates the risk of a clutch overload caused by the driver.

PreVision GPS is the ideal combination of transmission and GPS. This system makes it possible to factor in uphill and downhill gradients in advance for the selection of shift points.

An optional predictive maintenance function will be available from 2019. This offers fleet operators the capability to monitor the condition of critical individual components such as transmission oil or clutch disks in the Cloud. Maintenance can thus be planned proactively, which in turn can shorten vehicle downtimes and avoid breakdowns. This reduces costs and extends the transmission’s service life at the same time.

The extensive range of ZF power take-offs expands the range of application of the transmission system.


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