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eWorX – Electric Power-Take-Off System

Solutions for electrified work applications


Independent operation

Operating work applications independent from traction drive


Easy integration into HV-architecture and communication


Different power levels for the diversity of applications

What can eWorX – Electric Power-Take-Off System provide?

Fully electric commercial vehicles feature a significantly modified drivetrain architecture compared to conventional diesel-powered vehicles. This confronts bodybuilders and vehicle manufacturers with entirely new challenges. With the eWorX product family, ZF provides a fully electric system solution in one compact, smart unit comprising all functions required for electrifying work equipment - no matter which configuration is used for the traction drive.


ZF eWorX in detail

ZF eCubE
The core of the ZF eWorX family is the eCubE which provides the link between the vehicle and the work equipment.
The harmonized combination of power electronics, a powerful ZF control unit and application-specific software modules enables all components to work with maximum efficiency, which minimizes the power consumption during operation.

CAN communication
With its gateway functionality, the ZF eCubE manages the data exchange between the vehicle CAN and the different communication standards and demands of the bodybuilders.
The connection to the vehicle CAN bus allows for seamless integration into the vehicle's battery and energy management and thus ensures even better utilization of the battery charge.
New safety and assistance functions can be realized via GPS and ADAS signals that are also available on the CAN bus.

ZF eWorX fulfills the requirements concerning functional safety and cyber security and protects the valuable vehicle battery against unwanted damages caused by the work equipment.

The application-specific software modules and the engine independent operation enable new and improved workflows. The PTO can be operated during standstill as well as driving.

Due to its modular portfolio, the ZF eWorX family is available in different power levels and can be selected appropriately for every application.
All components of the eWorX family can be easily integrated into the HV architecture and the vehicle communication. Already fully capable for 800V systems due to SiC (Silicon carbide) technology.
The eWorX offer is complemented by a family of electric motors and hydraulic pumps, perfectly harmonized to operate with the eCubE. With it, various tasks to drive work equipment can be solved.
Additional advantage: The electric drives are quiet in operation.
A version with an AC output up to 400 V, to operate e.g. refrigerated trucks, is also available.

User interface
Using a smartphone or tablet, work equipment and eWorX products can also be controlled from outside of the vehicle via an easy-to-handle user interface.

Local grid
With a local grid, ZF also offers the opportunity to operate external work equipment by means of standard plugs for 400 V or 230 V using the vehicle power supply.


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