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Maximizing Returns on Trailer Fleets

The trailer industry in India is going through an unprecedented evolutionary process right now and the Indian trailer market is poised to grow at 15% CAGR over the next 5 years. What once was a largely unorganized sector, now has global players, signifying the shift to an organized sector.

Leading Modular Transmission Automation Solution for Commercial Vehicles: WABCO OptiDrive™

The Indian commercial vehicles (CV) industry is experiencing a transformation both in terms of technology and product offerings. The legislative landscape is fast evolving in India with a strong focus on safety and efficiency norms, which will make the commercial vehicle fleets of the future safer and more efficient.

Air Suspension with ECAS Technology

One of the major factors impacting bus fleets today is the load on the vehicle. An increased load is likely to lead to more fuel consumption, decreased rider comfort, compromised passenger safety and vehicular instability, thereby increasing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

ZF will showcase its leading bus and coach technologies at FIAA

ZF will demonstrate technologies for safe, connected and ecological collective mobility including electric drive systems with solutions for autonomous passenger transport. A result of the successful launch of its new Commercial Vehicle Solutions division.

SCALAR Orchestrating Road Transport

Building on ZF's world-class experience in delivering advanced fleet management and digital connectivity solutions, as well as in designing autonomous vehicle operation algorithms, SCALAR offers real-time, AI-based automated decision-making and efficiency improvement tools for fleets of human-driven, autonomous or mixed vehicles.

Digital Fleet Management: Connectivity is Key

Hjalmar Van Raemdonck, Head of Digital Systems Solutions, explains what the decisive factors for the success of future Fleet Management Solutions will be.

It’s Winter Testing Season - Proving our Commercial Vehicle Technologies under Extreme Conditions

The time has come again; we have started this year's winter testing season! Our EMEA team has headed to the Arctic Circle to our test track in Rovaniemi, Finland, while our North American team is running winter tests in Michigan's Upper Peninsula in Brimley.

More Efficiency and Electrification in Truck & Vans

Dr. Jochen Witzig is head of the Truck & Van Driveline Technology Product Line at ZF. In this interview, he explains the technical changes as well as the current developments in conventional and electric powertrains.

Tailor-made solution – clean and efficient

ZF Japan has set up an electric driveline unit for a truck prototype designed specially for the Japanese market. This project is an example of the company’s claim “ZF electrifies everything

Smart Logistics: Moved by an invisible hand

Large numbers of autonomous vehicles will soon be on the move without many of us realizing it. These are trucks that operate without drivers at depots and are boosting efficiency in the movement of goods. They function using ZF technology.

Proven Partnership - A Perfect Match

By integrating commercial vehicle specialist WABCO, ZF perfectly complements its product range with WABCO’s portfolio. This opens new opportunities in the development of intelligent and integrated systems for commercial vehicle technology.

Addressing the Cybersecurity Risks of Connected Commercial Vehicles

Autonomous, connected and electric (ACE) vehicles are the future of commercial transportation. As technology innovations bring the industry closer to ACE fleets, the disruption to the logistics industry will be on par with the transformation that cloud computing and the Internet of Things is bringing across other industries.

Press Releases

ZF Successfully Launches New “Commercial Vehicle Solutions” Division

ZF today announced the successful start of its new “Commercial Vehicle Solutions” (CVS) division with effect from January 1, 2022. The new division combines ZF’s expertise in the commercial vehicle industry and will significantly advance solutions for safe, sustainable and digitized transport. The new division unites ZF’s former Commercial Vehicle Technology and Commercial Vehicle Control Systems divisions, the latter of which was formed from ZF’s May 2020 acquisition of WABCO.

ZF Commercial Vehicle Solutions: On Track to be Global #1

ZF is on course to launch its new division for commercial vehicles, combining ZF’s Commercial Vehicle Technology and Commercial Vehicle Control Systems Divisions from January 1, 2022.

ZF is connecting bus fleets to the power of vehicle data with ZF Bus Connect

A large vehicle fleet is an interplay of many moving parts: vehicles, drivers, electric power, combustion engines. Routes, fuel consumption, regulations and legal requirements must work together in harmony for smooth and efficient operation.

ZF Advances Market Leadership with Multiple Business Wins for its Advanced Fleet Management Solutions

Helping increase fleet safety and operational efficiency, ZF has secured multiple long-term agreements for its advanced Fleet Management Solutions (FMS) with many of the EMEA region’s largest fleet and transportation providers.

Solutrans 2021: ZF Showcases Advanced Suite of e-CMR, Digital, Trailer and Aftermarket Technologies

ZF will showcase how its pioneering technologies, fleet management, trailer and aftermarket solutions are helping enhance fleet strategies for differentiation at Solutrans 2021, one of the industry’s largest trade shows for light and heavy commercial vehicles.

E-mobility for Heavy Commercial Vehicles: HyFleet Project Launched

In cooperation with Freudenberg, Flixbus and the climate NGO Atmosfair, ZF is participating in a project for fuel cell technology. The objective of the "HyFleet" project is to design and test a purely electrically powered coach.

ZF Acquires Bestmile’s Technology to Lead the Digital Transformation of Transportation Services

ZF today announced that it has acquired Bestmile’s technology, representing a significant step towards launching the commercial vehicle industry’s first Mobility Orchestration Platform. Advancing ZF’s “Next Generation Mobility” strategy, this platform will help operators to realize ambitions for Transportation as a Service (TaaS) and Mobility as a Service (MaaS) for all types of mobility applications and vehicles.