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Technologies Up to the Last Mile

Logistics companies worldwide face increasing demand for convenient, sustainable, and on-time delivery. Autonomous technologies for light commercial vehicles transform last-mile logistics. With turnkey e-mobility and automation solutions, ZF guides courier and cargo services towards the smart logistics of the future – self-driving and locally emission free.

OEMs and operators benefit from ZF’s experience and know-how in driveline, chassis, and steering applications. From automated manual transmissions to emission control systems, intelligent ZF technology can improve fuel efficiency, reduce carbon footprint, and minimize maintenance downtime.

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PowerLine is the 8-speed automatic transmission for medium-duty trucks, heavy pickup trucks and buses. Short shifting times between eight gear steps guarantee a high degree of dynamics. The innovative gearset concept of the converter transmission with high total spread enables extra low engine speed and enables significant reductions of fuel consumption. With Dual-Life-PTOs the transmission can be optimally adapted on different applications.

Cetrax lite Electric Central Drive

One of the most effective solutions for achieving these goals is investing in a lightweight Electric Central Drive, such as Cetrax Lite. This innovative technology provides numerous benefits for light commercial vehicles such as buses and vans, including increased efficiency, reduced emissions, and improved performance. Its lightweight design ensures that it doesn't add unnecessary weight to the vehicle, allowing for better payload capacity and increased fuel efficiency.

CDC® Continuous Damping Control

Continuous Damping Control available as CDCivo and CDCevo solves the conflict between driving safety and ride comfort by setting the damper - and uncompromisingly. Whether fully loaded or only with the driver, the CDC®-system adjusts the optimum damping wheel-individually according to the driving situation.

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