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Tachograph solutions

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Collection and Analysis of driver & vehicle data

Stay compliant and efficient with our tachograph solutions. We help you collect and manage your driver activity data smartly and securely, so you can meet the legal requirements without hassle. In addition, our solutions integrate seamlessly with your back-office platform, enabling you to optimize your workflow and performance.

“As a uniquely regulated and trusted data center, smart tachographs will play an increasingly important role in the road transportation ecosystem. Our comprehensive tachograph solutions represent the ambition of supporting ZF’s ‘Next Generation Mobility’ strategy.”
Hjalmar Van Raemdonck, ZF’s Head of Digital Systems Solutions in the division Commercial Vehicle Solutions.

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Our Tacho Solutions



We handle the maintenance and updating of our hosted online applications, so you can focus on transportation

  • Focus on the essentials
    Use transport applications in a hosting model (SaaS) to save time and expertise for strategic IT projects
  • Scalable growth
    Our online hosting model lets you adapt to fleet changes without extra IT costs. You pay a fixed cost per vehicle or driver for our applications
  • Better customer services
    We invest in a secure infrastructure, advanced technology and quality expertise to provide you with the best service offering

Installation A swift installation will guarantee smooth integration into your existing activities. We will coach you to easily develop in-house technical expertise.

  • Project coordination
    We develop an installation plan with you to ensure efficiency.
  • Autonomy
    We limit the downtime during the integration, and we teach your team to install and maintain the system.
  • Certified installers
    You can use our dealer network or our certified installers for fast and quality service.

DIS Group ZF has been a QUALIOPI certified training organization since December 22, 2020, in accordance with the requirements of AC-REF-003. We offer training for learners with or without disabilities.

We train your team to use our service time management system optimally. We evaluate your progress regularly to ensure you get the most out of our solution. Software and Business Training Our training department is your best support for effective social management. We help you discover our applications with:

  • Archiving and data management of drivers and vehicles
  • Predictive duty time management for your drivers
  • Automatic generation of conventional fees
  • Export data to your payroll software
  • The functionality built into your overall fleet management solution
We offer training related to:
  • Social regulation and infringements;
  • Management of rests and paid leaves;
  • And any other specific training on request.

Maximizing your Return on Investment
We train your staff to use our solutions for your business goals. We involve your staff by showing them the benefits of our solutions for them and your company.

On-site training
We train you at your site, using your data, and adapt the training to your work environment and your needs.

Online training
We offer short, interactive online training sessions. The skills acquired can then be immediately applied in their daily work.

Training organized by your OPCA (French joint registered collection agencies)

If the take-over request is accepted, the training will be funded by your OPCO

Certification qualité délivrée au titre de la catégorie "Actions de formation

Audits and Consultancy

Audits and Consultancy
Through our audit visits we assess the utilization of our solution within your company and provide valuable suggestions for improving your duty time management.

  • Customized action plan
    We scan your organization and give you a customized action plan to boost your growth and profitability, tailored to your needs.
  • Quick wins
    We help you identify quick wins, set up improvement programs, and monitor your performance.
  • Develop new strategies
    We support you as you face new challenges and develop new strategies to ensure a more stable and profitable business.
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Good to know

In accordance with EU regulations established in 2020, all fleets are required to be equipped with smart tachographs. As your trusted partner, we’re here to guide you through the complexities of these regulations. Get in touch with our team of digital experts for support.