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Boost Your Overall Fleet Efficiency Boost Your Overall Fleet Efficiency

DIS, collection and analysis of tachograph data

Collection and Analysis of driver & vehicle data

Our innovative solution meets the legal and provisional social management needs of all companies equipped with vehicles over 3.5 tonnes. We provide fleets with specialist solutions to process compliant working time data of drivers and vehicles, with one single objective in common: help fleets raise their productivity, while cutting costs.
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Efficient service time management solution

Our solutions include expertise in infringement management and payroll preparations, in an advanced technological environment, to offer fleets an efficient service time management solution.

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Thanks to our online hosting model, we manage the maintenance of all our servers and the updating of applications. You stay focused on your core business, transportation.

Focus on the Essentials

In today’s fiercely competitive, low-margin economic climate, you must strain every nerve to continually optimise your processes. Successful carriers and logistics service providers have to focus on their core business, more than ever. It has therefore become invaluable to use transport business applications in a hosting model (SaaS – Software as a Service).

From IT manager to business manager

The SaaS model relieves you of the daily operational hassle of managing servers and applications. Instead, you will free up your expertise, time and experience for strategic IT projects. In this way, the IT department becomes a fully-fledged business partner.

Scalable growth at a predictable cost

Our online hosting model allows you to absorb fast and major changes in your fleet without extra IT investments. The concept is simple: you know exactly how much your applications will cost, per vehicle or per driver, before purchasing them.

Exceptional performance for better customer services

By constantly investing in a highly secure infrastructure, state-of-the-art technology and quality expertise, we are able to provide our customers with the best possible service offering at all times.


A swift installation will guarantee a smooth integration into your existing activities. Thanks to our professional coaching, you will be able to easily develop in-house, technical expertise.

Project coordination

We want to make sure that all the resources needed are available at the time of the installation, so that our experts can work as efficiently as possible. That is why we always draw up an installation plan, together with your people.


When installing the new system, it is key to limit the time your fleet is “unavailable” as much as possible. It is therefore important to develop in-house, installation expertise. Thanks to the “train-the-trainer” approach, our experienced installers will train your technical team to become routined installation and maintenance experts.

Certified installers

If you need to equip your office or your entire fleet in the shortest possible time, you can rely on the services of our dealer network or our certified installers.


Training Organisation

DIS Group ZF has been a QUALIOPI certified training organization since December 22, 2020. Training activities have been evaluated in accordance with the requirements of AC-REF-003. The benefits also take into account learners with disabilities.

A service time management system can only be optimally operated if your team has received quality training. Regular evaluations are necessary to ensure that you are getting the most out of our solution.

Software and Business Training

Our training department is your best support for effective social management. We help you discover our applications with:

  • Archiving and data management of drivers and vehicles
  • Predictive duty time management for your drivers
  • Automatic generation of conventionals fees
  • Export data to your payroll software
  • The functionality built into your overall fleet management solution

We offer training related to:

  • Social regulation and infringments
  • Management of rests and paid leaves;
  • And any other specific training on request.

Maximising your Return on Investment in the short term

At the beginning of your service time management project, we develop a training plan, tailored to the challenges and priorities of your company. We promote the maximum involvement of your staff by showing them the individual advantages of our solutions, as well as the added value for the company. Of course, your business will always be our primary concern. Our technology is nothing more than a tool to help you achieve your goals.

On-site training: the benefit of sharing your work environment

We can come to your site to provide a training session in your offices, using your data as a starting point. By analysing your training needs before kicking off the courses, we can adapt our training to your work environment. If needed, we can ask you to make slight adaptations, so that you can host the courses under the best possible conditions.

Online training: more efficient

We can also offer you online training, so your employees can take short interactive training sessions. The skills acquired can then be applied immediately in their daily work.

Training organised by your OPCA (French joint registered collection agencies)

If the take-over request is accepted, the training will be funded by your OPCO

Audits and Consultancy

The audit visits allow us to see if your company is using our solution correctly or if we need to give you new advice to optimize the duty time management in your company?

Your organisation in the mirror

During an on-premise audit, our experienced consultants analyse your organisation in detail, drawing on their broad and deep transport expertise. Thanks to this scan, you will gain immediate insight into the factors that speed up – or slow down – your company’s further growth and profitability.

Proceed to take action

This first audit will be the starting point for an action plan, expressly tailored to your needs and culture. Together, we will examine how to achieve maximum benefits, with minimal interventions and costs.

Clear and action-oriented reports

The quick wins, resulting from our cost and productivity analysis, will encourage your teams to set up sustainable improvement programmes and visualise performance indicators on simple dashboards. In this way, your people can focus on what really counts.

Continouous Monitoring

In today's competitive market, you are constantly faced with new challenges. Our experts will be there to help you find the right answers and develop new strategies to ensure a more stable and profitable business.