Commercial Vehicle Solutions

EU’s General Safety Regulation

What You Need To Know

On the road to “Vision Zero”: What the GSR means for commercial vehicles – and how safety technologies by ZF help OEMs to get there.

Traffic needs to be safer. This is something society, vehicle manufacturers and lawmakers agree upon, and where the “General Safety Regulation” (GSR) of the European Union comes into play. A legislative framework, most recently updated in 2019, makes advanced safety features mandatory for new vehicles sold into the European market. Releasing a new vehicle platform in Europe first requires an official homologation release (called a “first type approval”), then another approval when new vehicles get their first license plate (called “first registration”). With the latest GSR updates, new commercial vehicles need to possess (among others) the six ADAS features shown here, starting from mid-2022 (for homologations) and mid-2024 (for registrations) respectively.

New Safety Features Required by the GSR