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Productivity First

Boost your fleet’s productivity: Go digital

Timely – or rather: lightning-fast – delivery and outstanding customer services: how can you, as a logistics and transportation company meet the demands of today’s customers? Boost productivity, by embracing digital: optimize, automate, connect, innovate and add a dose of intelligence to your fleet operations – and you’re all set to leap ahead of your competitors!

How technology helps drive productivity and improve customer services

Connectivity and advanced fleet management solutions have greatly improved the efficiency and safety of commercial vehicle fleets over the past 30 years. Still, there is much more to come. Data analytics, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, automation: as technology matures and becomes more intelligent, it is reshaping the logistics and transportation sector. Optimized processes reduced manual workloads, automated workflows: increasing productivity and improving customer services was never easier. Explore how ZF helps.

New SCALAR EVO Touch: Optimize connectivity and efficiency with IoT-based, on-board computer

Connectivity is the key to maximizing fleet efficiency on the road. SCALAR EVO Touch, our very first IoT (Internet of Things)-based, on-board computer, connects and collects information from multiple sources to enhance the productivity and safety of your drivers and your fleet. Exceptionally powerful, energy-efficient, compact and user-friendly, it helps your trucks and drivers to communicate and stay connected anywhere, anytime. Moreover, the successor of TX-SKY will maximize the current and future capabilities of ZF’s new SCALAR Fleet Orchestration platform.

Discover Scalar Evo Touch

"Helping commercial fleets advance their digital journey and optimize operational efficiency, SCALAR EVO Touch enables a wide range of support functions leveraging complex data from multiple sources, including drivers, vehicles, dispatchers and third parties."

- Hjalmar Van Raemdonck, Head of Digital Systems Solutions, ZF

TX-FLEX mobile app: Boost productivity beyond your truck

Boost productivity beyond your truck

The secret to ensuring driver productivity outside the vehicle? Our TX-FLEX mobile app. Ranging from freight planning follow-up, barcode scanning and digital signatures thru’ to getting an overview of driving and resting times: TX-FLEX, combined with an on board device with or without interface, supports drivers in completing their planning and out-of-cabin activities in any region or country. The app is compatible with all European truck brands.

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From 15 to 4 minutes

"The total lead time (drawing at loading, receiving, drawing at unloading and archiving) easily takes 15 minutes. If we time it now, we are only at 4 minutes."

- Wim Claes, Managing Director Wim Claes Transport & Logistics

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