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Powershift Transmission › ERGOPOWER

ERGOPOWER powershift transmission for graders

Maximum power transfer & low fuel consumption for graders

With the ERGOPOWER WG 115-210 ZF supplies the transmission technology for graders to the benefit of vehicle manufacturers and drivers alike. Efficiency and handling have been improved. A torque converter and an optimum torque converter lock-up clutch facilitate crawling or slow travel of the vehicle and a fuel saving at higher speeds. The transmissions are obtainable in a 6 to 8-speed configuration.


  • Excellent gear-shifting quality without interruption of the tractive force
  • Easy and comfortable handling
  • Cost saving due to the modular and compact construction
  • Extremely short shafts prevent gear-meshing faults
  • Less noise emission due to deep-toothed helical gears
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Easy maintenance

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