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CarsSoftwareZF Car Connect Mobile App

ZF Car Connect Mobile App

Smart telematics tool for passenger car fleets supports drivers in their daily work

With our user-friendly ZF Car Connect Mobile App, the drivers in your passenger car fleet receive all relevant vehicle information straight to their smartphones: Besides key parameters such as fuel levels and diagnostic data, the tool also offers a digital logbook as well as systems to locate the vehicle. The ZF Car Connect Mobile App is available for Apple and Android smartphones and is compatible with most vehicle brands.


  • "Find my vehicle" and "Navigate to my vehicle" functions
  • Digital logbook allows users to differentiate between personal and business travel
  • Can be downloaded easily from Google Play or the Apple Store to the mobile device of your choice
  • Compatible with most vehicle brands and thus ideal for mixed fleets
  • Combined with the Vivaldi II Onboard Unit and the OPENMATICS Portal , the app offers an extensive telematics and diagnostics tool for operators of passenger car fleets.

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