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Non-AutomotiveReadersTAG Finder INDOOR


Reliable read-out of deTAGtive TAG data in manufacturing halls and warehouses

Handy and versatile Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) TAGs are the foundation of our deTAGtive smart asset tracking system for various Industry 4.0 applications. The compact TAG Finder INDOOR is particularly suited for application indoors, can be installed easily and without complications on walls and reliably reads out data of all TAGs within range.


  • Unambiguous identification of incoming and outgoing assets as well as their condition
  • Complete overview of all goods movements: no manual recordings necessary
  • Handy, robust and energy-efficient design as well as easy installation
  • Modular system consisting of four different TAGs , diagnostic units for indoor and outdoor application as well as software tools allows you to tailor solutions for every field of application.

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