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TrucksHardwareDriver Feedback Device

Driver Feedback Device

Keeping you up to date on inadmissible driving behavior

Eco-friendly driving contributes to reducing costs for fuel and maintenance. Our Driver Feedback Device is a smart addition to the ZF OPENMATICS telematics system: An LED and audio signal alerts drivers as soon as they exceed a limit value. Analyze the driving behavior of your drivers and receive reports on inadmissible driving behavior.


  • Monitors four limit values: engine overspeed, excessive vehicle speed, idling and harsh braking/accelerating.
  • Promotes eco-friendly driving behavior: A beep and flashing LEDs alert the driver of exceeded limit values.
  • Operated via the telematics unit installed in the vehicle.
  • Driver feedback functionality in the OPENMATICS Portal 1.0 allows long-term analysis of driving behavior and highlights potential training needs.

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