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Non-AutomotiveTAGsdeTAGtive TAG 2

deTAGtive TAG 2

Smart BLE TAG for various asset tracking applications measures acceleration, brightness and temperature

Handy and versatile Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) deTAGtive TAGs are the foundation of our smart asset tracking system for various Industry 4.0 applications. TAG 2 allows agricultural operations, construction companies, manufacturers and logistics companies to recognize possible transport damage at an early stage, as the TAG not only tracks the location of the assets, but also measures brightness, temperature and acceleration.


  • Clear identification and tracking of individual objects
  • Keep an eye on valuable goods: Extensive data on brightness, temperature and shocks give insight into improper handling and possible transport damage at an early stage.
  • Flexible and reliable: The handy, robust and energy-efficient TAGs can be attached to any kind of asset.
  • With a service life of up to five years, they are designed for industrial operating conditions.
  • Modular system consisting of four different TAGs , diagnostic units for indoor and outdoor application as well as software tools allows you to tailor solutions for every field of application.

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